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Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

I am so excited to finally be finishing the final stages of becoming a psychotherapist, with a focus on sex & relationships therapy. It's been an amazing journey, and I am fortunate to be completing my practicum at Mindful Maelstrom in downtown Toronto, under the supervision of a licensed psychotherapist. 

The first thing I want to tell my clients is that it's ok to be shameless.


What we carry with us is often burdened under the weight of shame. This can make it challenging to open up and talk about our thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Especially difficult aspects to discuss are sexuality & intimacy. Whether it be about our mental health, relationships, or overall well-being, the stigma attached to discussing sex & relationships can often render us mute. Anxiety, depression, and other life concerns can also manifest in our intimate realms. Fear of embarrassment, judgement, or even reprisal often quashes our curiosity or need to manage this aspect of our lives. Sometimes it can be challenging to find someone to talk to about the most intimate details that are affecting our physical and mental health. I’m here to listen and to offer you space free from shame or judgement.


Our lives can sometimes be filled pleasure and wonder, but they can also be filled with turmoil and pain. Problems can arise that lead to anxiety, depression, or other symptoms that affect daily living. My desire is to not only help you live, but to thrive. If your experiences around intimacy have made life challenging, be comforted that there is hope. We’ll work together toward a path of healing that is creative, unique, and right for you.


My journey toward becoming a sex therapist has been a long one, sown with valuable experiences and education, a mixture of the awful and the amazing. As such, I do not subscribe to pathologizing a person’s experiences. As a therapist-in-training at Mindful Maelstrom, my passion lies with helping others safely navigate what is happening in their lives and working toward a healthy understanding of who they are. In our sessions, you will have permission to share, question, and learn while we collaborate on you becoming the best version of yourself.

From concerns over desire, trust, relationships, intimacy, pleasure, communication, or esteem, we'll work together to create a path toward happiness and healing.


As I continue grow as a therapist, I am mindful of the privileges that have been afforded to me. I am looking forward to learning about experiences, cultures, and identities different to mine and recognize that external barriers are in place for many. As such, I work within a feminist and anti-oppressive framework, and am actively engaged in social justice work. I am part of the queer community, and am sexwork- and kink-friendly.

UPDATE: As of the end of August, 2022, I will be moving to my own private practice (yay!). As I set up the formalities of that, I will not be taking clients during the month of September. Virtual sessions will recommence in October, and in-person sessions will follow shortly after that (in downtown Toronto, west end).

Rates for an individual, 50-minute session is $150 (I do have a sliding scale wait list. Please contact me if you would like to be added to this list). 



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