COVID-19 & intimacy


The 2020 pandemic has changed the way we look at intimacy. Last century, we witnessed how the AIDS crisis affected the lives of millions of people, from intimate interaction in private to socializing in public. What we don't want to do is repeat past mistakes with lack of proper information, and further endanger ourselves or others. One long-lasting, positive response resulting from the activism during the AIDS epidemic is the understanding of safer sex practices, along with the vast production, promotion, and use of condoms.

Many are wondering what intimacy looks like during and post-pandemic. Safer sex practices will always be encouraged; as well as harm reduction over abstinence (science and research prove time and time again that the former is way more successful than the latter). What the pandemic does not mean is the complete loss or reduction of intimacy; it just means we go about it differently. 

Most humans need intimate contact – from a hug, to a kiss, to nude sexual activity. As a sex educator, I am exploring the vast ways we can continue to have intimate relationships.

If you would like to discuss what intimacy means for you, or how to share information to larger groups, please feel free to contact me.


The 2020 pandemic has also wreaked havoc on the film & tv industry. By March, most productions went into full lockdown mode, forcing cast & crew into unemployment for an unknown amount of time.

Production after the pandemic will look quite different, with added safety protocols in place to protect cast and crew. This can include regular testing, new meal settings, limited shooting spaces, smaller cast sizes, and highly reduced contact. 

Scenes involving intimacy (ie, kissing, sexuality, and even stunts), will be seriously affected. While some industry insiders speculate the complete elimination of such scenes, this may not be realistic in the long term. Some stories can be told without intimacy while some others cannot, and the loss of such creative content would be sorely felt.

As we look toward the future of production, I will be in conversation with fellow Intimacy Coordinators, producers, and health specialists to figure out how to work within harm reduction models.

If you would like to discuss the future of intimacy in production, please feel free to contact me.

Read my piece on Medium, The New Intimacy, about what this looks like in our real lives, as well as on screen in a pandemic-aware world.


Meet Max & Diane, who are in my upcoming PSA about safer sex in the time of COVID.

Stay tuned.

Honoured to be a guest panelist on the
Catch a Break Podcast, discussing what The Way Back looks like to film production, post COVID