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Talking to your teens about their sexual health can be a daunting task. In a time of 24/7 communication and information access, parents & guardians need special guidance skills, especially when it comes to kids' sexual health. And like it or not, kids are thinking about it.


Learn how to talk openly and comfortably with your teen, and give them the tools to aid in healthier decision making.


Topics discussed during this 3 hour workshop include:

biology basics, puberty, personal values, masturbation, safer sex, contraception, porn, online relationships, social media, consent, orientation & gender, stigma, myths & facts, parent & teen resources, the new Ontario curriculum, and more.



Who should attend


Parents or guardians of teens or pre-teens who would like help supplementing their kids' education and become a primary source of sexual health info. It's never too late or too early to start.



Aaaaand your host…


I've been working in the sexuality field since 2009, championing healthy discussion and education for both youth and adults. I am constantly updating my skills through various training programs, and received my certification to be a sexual health educator at SFSI in San Francisco in 2014.


I'm a firm believer in open and honest conversations with kids about their sexual health. The more they know, the better decions they'll make. Contrary to what many believe, comprehensive sexual health & relationships education {SHRE} isn't a 'how-to' guide on having sex. It's an evidenced-based way of teaching people both the mechanics & emotional aspects of the human body, as well as healthy decision-making skills. Studies have proven that SHRE actually decreases unwanted pregnancies & STI transmission, and raises the age of first sexual contact.


I'm developing various workshops for adults on sexuality. Whether it's for parents teaching their kids, for teachers who need assistance with their classroom programs, or for those who just want know more themselves, I'm always happy to discuss this vast & ever-evolving topic.


If you have any questions, or to book this workshop for your group, please feel free to contact me.






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