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Over the years, I’ve been championing {primarily} women’s
sexual rights in a variety of ways. In 2009, I founded The Keyhole Sessions under the moniker The Madame as a welcoming community for people to safely experience the union between sex and art. We held well over a hundred life-drawing & photography sessions, rogue Nuit Blanche events, and art exhibitions, all where we packed the house full of people interested in healthy sexual expression.

I am a Registered Psychotherapist with a passion for sex therapy. Also a certified sex educator, I’m always looking for interesting intersections of psychology, education, and sexuality. I was certified at SFSI {San Francisco Sex Information} in 2014, and also have certificates from University of Guelph’s Sex Therapy Intensive, as well as Sexplore’s SAR {Sexual Attitude Reassessment}. I completed my undergrad Specialist degree in Sexual Diversity Studies at the University of Toronto, {it being one of the world’s only schools to offer such a program} and finishing with the LGBTOUT scholarship award. I followed that up with a Master's degree in Counselling Psychology. I absolutely love learning.

I’m also a multiple award-winning feminist porn producer.
It’s important for me to produce erotic material that helps people safely express themselves sexually and consensually.
I take pride in providing an ethical filming environment to ensure all participants are getting what they want and need out of production. My films show real relationships and partner-pairs, in all their authentic pleasures.


For a beat, I was a practicing Certified Intimacy Coordinator, having done my training between Toronto and LA. Arisen out of the #MeToo movement, this new position is helping directors and actors safely navigate scenes of nudity and sexuality for mainstream film and television. 

In early 2011, I co-founded SlutWalk Toronto as a way to combat victim-blaming and sexual profiling, for which I was named one of UTNE Reader's Top Visionaries, as well as one
of More Magazine’s Top 50 Fiercest Women. My co-founder
and I were speakers at TEDx Toronto 2012 talking about the ramifications of infected language. Individual SlutWalk events are now held in almost 300 cities around the world, advancing the conversation.


I’ve spoken on countless radio & tv shows and panels, and my work has been mentioned in publications from Cosmo to Men's Health to the NY Times. What can I say? I like talking. Sometimes I say nice things. Sometimes I don’t {but only if it’s necessary}.

I am part of the LGBTQIA2S+ community, and am sex-work-, polyam/nonmonogamy-, and kink-friendly {utilizing RACK principles}.


As a mother raising a human in a world where sexuality is feared, education is lacking, and the lines of respect & acceptance can be frighteningly blurry, it’s up to the unafraid to lead the way to a more enlightened future when it comes to sexual health.


Though this clip was made specifically as a promo for our TEDx Toronto talk, I feel it says a lot
about me and what I work for.


produced by Biz Media


I had the distinct pleasure during the COVID break of 2020 to speak with Julie Harris Walker for her podcast The Other 50%, about women  working in film and television


Talking about SlutWalk and infected language
at TEDx Toronto, Sony Centre.
We presented to thousands of people
live and across the world via livestream
in TEDx Toronto's largest ever event.

Sexual Health Educatrix | she/her/hers.
Proud daughter of Argentine immigrants. 
Fierce Torontonian. 
Tidy conscience | messy feminist.
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